Propane Radiant Heaters

Outdoor Propane Radiant Heaters are Ideal for Providing Instant Warmth and Comfort

By Mark J. Donovan

One way to maximize the time you spend on your deck or patio is to have all the necessary amenities to use it in the evening. A key item to consider purchasing to help you extend the enjoyment of your deck or patio into the evening hours is a propane radiant heater. Propane radiant heaters heat objects directly in front of them. Consequently they can keep you and your guests’ toasty warm even on the chilliest of fall or spring evenings. They’re also ideal for heating garages and dining areas, as long as they are properly ventilated.

Propane radiant heaters consume oxygen to burn, thus it is vital that they be properly installed and used correctly to prevent the risk of illness and even death.

Although there are other solutions available to you to heat your deck or patio, such as a wood burning furnace or fireplace and electric radiant heaters, a propane radiant heater offers many advantages to these. First, a wood burning fireplace or furnace requires regular maintenance to keep the fire burning. Also there is the preparation and storing of wood to use the wood burning fireplace/furnace.

Then there’s the mess of burning wood. And with electric radiant heaters, there’s the high cost of running electricity and the need for an electrical outlet nearby. Albeit, these other outdoor heating solutions may be cheaper to purchase, however, their benefits pale in comparison to the incredible amount of warming heat that propane radiant heaters output.

Outdoor propane heaters operate off of radiant heat. Unlike other types of heating, which heat the air within its local vicinity, radiant heat warms objects directly in front of them, including people, within its range. Also, contrary to other forms of heating, radiant heat warms objects immediately.

Outdoor propane radiant heaters are available in a plethora of styles and shapes. Thus they can immediately take the chill out of any outdoor party or gathering. They are available as permanent fixtures, portable free standing units, and wall and ceiling mounted units. They also come in a variety of sizes and heat output ratings.

Propane radiant heaters are also very efficient and clean burning. They produce virtually zero pollution, thus making them the perfect patio or deck heating solution for both your guests and the environment.

The only real negative with propane radiant heaters is that they cost more to operate than a wood burning fireplace. Typically they cost about the same to operate as an electric radiant heater. The other minor issue is that propane radiant heaters can require a separate tank for holding the propane fuel.

So utilize your deck or patio well into the late evenings by installing propane radiant heaters on or around them. You’ll be amazed at all the additional outdoor good times you’ll be able to share with your family and friends by adding a little heat to these outdoor living spaces.

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