Electric Patio Heaters

Electric Radiant Patio Heaters can Take the Chill out of Your Outdoor Evening Party

By Mark J. Donovan

A deck or patio is a great location for hosting an evening party. Not only do these two venues give your visitors a chance to spread out and converse, but they also help to prevent your home from getting damaged or messed up by spilled food and drink. Evening outdoor parties can be chilly however, even in summer.

To take the chill off the night air, you may want to consider investing in one or more electric patio heaters. From personal experience, I’ve eaten at a number of restaurants over the years where we had our dinner outside on a cool evening with patio heaters fortunately surrounding us.

If it we’re not for the patio heaters we would’ve been totally miserable. Similarly, an electric radiant patio heater or two strategically located on your patio can ensure your guests have a great evening at your house party.

Electric radiant patio heaters are also a great alternative to propane gas patio heaters as there is no gas tank to have to refuel. With an electric patio heater, it simply needs access to an electrical outlet, and turning one on is as simple as throwing a switch. Electric radiant patio heaters also immediately warm objects in front of them making them ideal for quickly taking the chill off of your guests.

Electric patio heaters come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. There are electric heaters that can be mounted onto walls and ceilings, and into floors. There are also portable and freestanding patio heaters, as well as tabletop ones. Prices and operational costs vary depending up the size, features, and heat output, however there are solutions available for nearly any budget.

In colder climates portable electric patio heaters can often be more appropriate as they can be used when needed and then stored away for the winters months.

Portable electric patio heaters are also less expensive. Portable and tabletop electric patio heaters also give you the flexibility to adjust your heating situation depending upon the needs of the particular party or event.

In more moderate climates wall mounted or floor integrated electric radiant patio heaters may make more sense, however they are much more expensive to install. As a result, they make the most sense if you plan to regularly use your deck or patio for outdoor evening events.

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