Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Options

Ignition and Controls are Direct Vent Fireplace Options to Carefully Consider When Buying a Gas Fireplace

By Mark J. Donovan

There are numerous direct vent gas fireplace options to choose from however they vary with manufacturers and models.

One direct vent gas fireplace option you certainly want to consider is the inclusion of a variable speed fan. By including a variable speed fan you can control the flow and circulation of heat from the gas fireplace into the room and home.

Another area you want to consider carefully when buying a direct vent gas fireplace is how you’d like to turn it on and off.

ON/OFF direct vent gas fireplace options include a simple wall switch near the gas fireplace itself, a handheld remote control unit, or via a local wall thermostat. Remote controls typically include the ability to adjust the thermostat, fan speed and flame height.

One of the most important direct vent gas fireplace options to consider is the type of ignition system to ignite the gas.

Some gas fireplace options include a continuously burning safety pilot light. With these types of safety pilot lights, in the event the pilot light goes out the built in safety system shuts off gas to the direct vent gas fireplace within a fraction of a second.

Other direct vent gas fireplace models have an electric spark ignition system to reduce fuel expenditure. There are also some models that use a piezoelectric ignition for situations where there isn’t an electrical hookup near the fireplace.

What’s particularly beneficial with the piezoelectric ignition systems is that they do not require electrical power to operate. This can be extremely helpful when it’s a cold winter day and you lose power to your home. With a push of a button you can still light your direct vent gas fireplace and keep your home reasonably warm. s vary with make and model but suffice it to say expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,000.

Other options include the style of the firebox, decorative glass and screens, and conversion kits from natural to propane gas.

So when purchasing a direct vent gas fireplace, consider all the options carefully.

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