Air Conditioners and Home Remodeling Additions

Don’t Forget to Think About Air Conditioning When Planning Your Home Addition

By Mark J. Donovan

When undertaking a major home remodeling project such as building an addition, you may want to include in your construction budget the cost of an air conditioner. An air conditioning system for a new home addition is often one of those items that is overlooked until after the home remodeling addition is complete. Unfortunately at that point in the game it’s too late to consider all of the air conditioning solutions on the market. For many homeowners who find themselves in this situation they simply buy a window air conditioner unit and live with the inconvenience of having to install and remove it every year.

When budgeting for air conditioning in your new home addition consider the size of the room. This way you can make sure you buy the appropriate BTU rated air conditioner to adequately cool the room.

If you have central air conditioning already in the home you can also compare its capabilities to see if it is already adequate to support the additional living space. If you plan to install a new central air conditioning system in your addition, keep in mind that they are quite expensive and will need ductwork installed throughout the home. This typically involves some demolition work of the existing home and some creative plumbing to install and hide the ductwork. In addition, you need to determine where to locate the air conditioner compressor outside of the home.

If the new room addition is relatively small you can look into installing a wall mounted air conditioner. Typically these types of air conditioners are mounted high up on the walls so that the cool air they produce cascades downward into the living area. Another alternative for cooling a relatively small room addition is to install a free standing portable air conditioner. They need to be positioned close to a window for venting, so consider in your floor plans a location for both the air conditioner and a window.

Finally, if you want to go the route of a window air conditioner unit, consider permanently installing it. You can either make a specific window opening for the air conditioner where only the air conditioner itself is installed in the opening.

So to conclude, make sure you investigate all of the air conditioning options available to you when planning your home remodeling addition. In the end you’ll better enjoy your new addition.

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