Art Cool Air Conditioning System from LG

A Slim Line, Split System Air Conditioning Unit that is both Functional and Fashionable

By Mark J. Donovan

Over the weekend I got to tour a newly renovated home. While walking through one of the bedrooms the homeowner pointed to a piece of artwork hanging on one of the outside walls. He explained to me that the 2’x2’ wall hanging was much more than just a picture. The picture was in fact a cover plate to a thin single zone air conditioning unit. The air conditioning unit is manufactured by LG and is sold as “Art Cool”.

The Art Cool Air Conditioning unit is a duct free, single zone system. It is a split system comprising of two elements, the evaporate element which mounts on a wall in the interior of the house, and an outside condenser element.

The two are interconnected by refrigerant lines and wiring. A 3-1/2 inch hole is required in the exterior wall to run the refrigerant lines and wiring.

LG sells the Art Cool air conditioning system with a rated cooling and heating capacity of either 9,000 or 12,000 BTUs. With the rotary compressor located outdoors the Air Cool air conditioning unit is extremely quiet.

In addition, since it’s mounted on a wall instead of in a window, it doesn’t block natural light from entering the room, or prevent the use of the window on cooler days.

The Art Cool evaporator portion of the air conditioning system is designed to mount on a wall within the home and measures 23-5/8” x 23-5/8” in height and width. It has a depth of 5-3/4”. The front picture frame area of the unit allows homeowners to insert any picture, painting, or fabric into the unit to personalize it to their home décor preferences.

They can also be purchased in a variety of finishes and colors. In addition, the Art Cool air conditioning units can be controlled by a remote control.

So if you’re looking for a permanent, low profile air conditioning system for a room or small living area, check out LG’s Air Cool mini-split single zone units. Because of their low profile, duct-free, split design the “Air Cool” is ideal for retrofit air conditioning applications, small homes, home additions, or finished attic or loft spaces.

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