Strengthening Chimney Chase Framing for Supporting Veneer Stone

How I Strengthened my Chimney Chase to Support the Extra Weight of Attaching Veneer Stone

By Mark J. Donovan

We decided to replace the clapboard siding on our chimney chase with natural veneer stone. The only problem we discovered in doing this was the extra weight of the stone would be potentially structurally overwhelming for the chimney chase. 

We discovered this risk when we examined the chimney chase framing and saw that the chimney chase was constructed out of 2x4s and that the chimney chase effectively just sat on top of the roof rafters, rather than integrated into them.

So, I decided the best course of action was to beef up the chimney chase framing, and most importantly tie the chimney chase framed walls into the roof rafters, rather than just sitting on top of them.

After talking to my stone mason, I decided that it would be wise if I sistered 2x4s and/or 2x6s to the existing chimney chase wall studs and have the sistered lumber also tie into the roof rafters. 

So, with six 2×4 / 2×6 pieces, each four feet in length, I secured them to the chimney chase wall studs and the roof rafters. 

Though it was extremely difficult working in the attic, and in particular the chimney chase, using a nail gun I was able to securely fasten the new pieces of lumber to the existing chimney chase 2x4s and the 2×12 roof rafters.

Chimney Chase being prepared for Stone Veneer

And with that job now done, my chimney chase should be structurally sound to support the added weight of the natural veneer stone.

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