Door and Window Sealing Tape

Prevent Drafts and Water Related Issues with Door and Window Sealing Tape

By Mark J. Donovan

Door and window sealing tape creates a permanent air, water and vapor seal around doors and windows to prevent air drafts and water penetration. Window and door sealing tape helps keep homes warmer and prevents the threat of black mold by stopping moisture from entering the home.

Door and window sealing tape should be installed during the door and window installation process. In the case of a window installation, initially apply a piece even with the top edge of the window sill before installing the window itself.

To install the door and window sealing tape simply cut a piece to length and peel the release paper off the back of it while rolling the sealing tape into place against the wall sheathing. Then install the window.

Next cut two pieces of door and window sealing tape to the length of the vertical window sides. Again peel away the back release paper while rolling the sealing tape into position along and over the vertical sides of the window nailing flanges and wall sheathing. By rolling it in place from top to bottom you can reduce the trapping of air underneath the tape.

Finally install a length of door and window sealing tape along the top of the window, over the window nailing flange. The process for installing door and window sealing tape is the same for a door installation.

Door and Window Sealing Tape
The Protecto Wrap Company offers an excellent door and window sealing tape. It is called BT25XL Butyl Hybrid Window and Door Sealing Tape and attaches to most wall sheathing products. It meets all applicable building codes and can withstand hurricane level windblown rain test standards.

It should not be used, however, in conjunction with solvent-based caulks, nor with flexible PVC based membrane products. In addition, the door and window sealing tape should be tested with the wall sheathing for adhesion. If there is inadequate adhesion, the wall sheathing surface should be primed with Protecto Wrap Company’s BT-Primer or Protecto-Tak Spray Adhesive first.

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