How to Fasten Trim to Drywall Attached to Metal Wall Studs Video

Tips on how to secure baseboard trim and chair rail to drywall fastened to metal studs

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video, Mark Donovan of shows how to fasten baseboard trim, chair rail, and crown moulding to drywall attached to metal wall studs.

Metal wall studs are being more commonly used in residential construction now days. Though metal wall studs offer a number of advantages over wood walls studs, they do present some problems when it comes to fastening trim to drywall attached to them. Also, metal studs do not have the ability to support heavy loads such as plasma TVs, but that’s a topic for another day.

To fasten trim to drywall attached to metal wall studs it’s important to use a construction adhesive as part of the process. The construction adhesive provides a strong and continuous bond between the drywall and trim, be it baseboard trim, chair rail, or crown moulding.

Until the construction adhesive fully sets up, however, it is necessary to secure the trim to the drywall and metal wall studs with finish nails. The best approach for nailing finish nails into metal wall studs is to use the cross nailing technique.

This technique involves driving two finish nails in at each wall stud location, but at opposite angles to each other. By cross nailing at each metal wall stud, the nails hold the trim in place while the adhesive dries. In addition, the cross nailing works with the construction adhesive to prevent the trim from pulling away from the wall.

For best cross nailing results, particularly when fastening crown moulding trim to drywall attached to metal wall studs, a 16 gauge finish nail gun should be used. In addition, steel hardened finish nails should be used to help mitigate the risk of bent nails.

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