How to Build a Crown Molding Shelf

Instructional Tips on How to Build a Crown Molding Shelf

By Mark J. Donovan

If you have some scrap crown molding material lying around your house one alternative to sending it to the trash heap is to turn it into a crown molding shelf. A crown molding shelf is a neat way to add a little functional decorative crown molding to a room. A crown molding shelf is great for displaying baubles and other types of small trinkets.

As described below the instructions for how to build a crown molding shelf are quite simple and easy to understand.

One of the nice advantages of tackling this type of project is that it is small and uses scrap crown molding material, so there is little risk of wasting a lot of money on this type of project.

Required Crown Molding Shelf Materials

In order to build a crown molding shelf, several feet of crown molding and a piece of 1”x4” material are required. The length of the crown molding and the 1”x4” are dependent upon how long of a crown molding shelf is desired. In addition to the wood stock, wood glue and some paint or stain are required.

Required Tools for Constructing a Crown Molding Shelf

To construct a crown molding shelf it is preferable if you have a miter saw, as this will ensure cleaner 45o angled cuts. Also a finish nail gun is preferred as well, however a hammer and finish nails will also work. If using a hammer and nails, you will also need a center punch to countersink the nails.

How to Build a Crown Molding Shelf

The first step in building a crown molding shelf is to use the miter saw to cut a length of crown molding the desired length of the crown molding shelf. The ends of the crown molding stock should be cut at a 45o angle.

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Please note that when cutting crown molding it is important to position the crown molding stock upside down on the miter saw so that it will hang correctly on the wall.

Now you need to cut the side rails of the crown molding shelf. The length of the crown molding side rails is predicated on how far out the crown molding shelf will penetrate out from the wall. You may want to position the cut length of crown molding shelf on the wall to measure the required length for the side rails.

Next, use your miter saw to cut 45o angles on one of the edges of each side rail to form the 90o corners with the front piece of the crown molding shelf material. Also, square-cut the back ends of the side rails to the measured depth of the crown molding shelf.

Once you have completed cutting the three crown molding pieces, glue and nail them together.

To fill in the gap on the top portion of the crown molding shelf, cut a section of the 1”x4” board. Note that if you want to place decorative plates on the crown molding shelf, you may want to use a table saw to create an angled slot along the top of the piece of the board material. This will allow the plates to sit firmly on the crown molding shelf.

Glue and nail the board material to the inside gap of the crown molding shelf frame.

Once the glue has dried, sand the crown molding shelf, and then prime and paint it.

To install the crown molding shelf on the wall, use a small length of wood cut out of the 1×4” material and secure it to the wall making sure it is nailed into framing studs. This small length of wood becomes a mounting plate, if you will, for the crown molding shelf.

Next place the crown molding shelf over the length of wood so that the top portion of the crown molding shelf rests on top of it.

Now, using nails fasten the crown molding shelf to the length of wood.

With that, your crown molding shelf is done. Note you may want to caulk around the edges of the crown molding shelf to get a perfectly tight seal around it.

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