Closet Organization Systems

Custom and Prefabricated Closet Organization Systems Maximize Closet Space

By Mark J. Donovan

Closet organization systems can transform cluttered closets into useful storage spaces. For most of us, closets are jammed stuffed with clothes and shoes, and even though we may have employed some form of a homemade closet organization system we still find ourselves regularly rummaging through them searching for items. Prefabricated or custom closet organization systems can help to more efficiently use closet space so that you don’t find yourself hunting through your closet every time you go into it.

Closet organization systems are specifically designed to maximize closet space with more efficient hanging racks, shelving and drawer space.

Available Closet Organization Systems

With prefabricated closet organization systems no major remodeling or wall removal is required. Many prefabricated closet organization systems are designed to fit standard closet sizes and large walk-in closets, and can also be adjusted to some extent to fit unique closet sizes. Prefabricated closet organization systems are available in both plastic and wood materials.

With custom closet organization systems they can be designed for your specific closet dimensions and can be assembled out of a variety of materials, including antique furniture that you may have access to. See’s “Design and Build a Custom Closet Ebook” to learn more.

Installing Closet Organization Systems

Plastic prefabricated closet organization systems are fast and easy to assemble. Most novice do it yourself homeowners can assemble these types of closet organization systems. Typically they are free standing and do not require fastening to closet walls.

Design and Build a Custom Closet Ebook

Custom closet organization systems require a set of plans and materials. A custom closet organization system also requires additional carpentry knowledge as well as time and money.

Custom closet organization systems are typically fastened to the closet walls, floors and ceiling. Consequently, either a skilled do it yourself homeowner or a professional closet installer is normally required for the installation of a custom closet organization system. Though pricier than the plastic prefabricated closet organization systems, a custom closet design can typically better maximize the closet area.

So if you are tired of hunting through your cluttered closets, consider one of the many prefabricated closet organization systems available on the market today, or even a custom one.

A closet organization system will better utilize your closet space and allow you to store more items in it in an organized and clutter free manner.

If you would like to design your own custom closet check out’s “Design and Build a Custom Closet Ebook”.

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