Cedar Closet Linings

Cedar Lined Closets blend Functionality with Visual and Aromatic Charm

By Mark J. Donovan

Cedar lined closets offer both a visual charm and a rich aromatic scent. Historically cedar lined closets have been known for repelling insects such as moths, roaches and silverfish. Cedar closet liners are also mildew resistant. Though there is some debate on whether or not cedar paneling or planks truly repel insects, or maybe instead just mask clothing smells that attract them, there is no question that cedar closets provide a unique and pleasant fragrance.

Years ago I helped my father install cedar paneling in a closet, and to this day I can still vividly remember the aromatic cedar smells that wafted out of that closet when I opened its door.

Installing a cedar closet lining is a simple do it yourself project and is very affordable. All that is required for tools is a hammer, skill saw, measuring tape, pencil and a square. Besides the cedar paneling or planks, all that you need for materials are some finish nails and/or some adhesive.

You basically have three choices when it comes to cedar closet linings; cedar waferboard panels, solid wood cedar planks, and cedar veneer plywood.

Cedar Waferboard Panels

Cedar waferboard panels are your least expensive option. You can find them at most home improvement centers and they come in large ¼” thick sheets with dimensions of either 4’x8’ or 16”x48”.

They can be fastened to the existing closet walls with either nails or an adhesive. Cedar waferboard panels are, however, the least visually appealing. Thus they are more appropriate for smaller non-walk in closets or for closets where appearance isn’t a major concern.

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Solid Wood Cedar Planks

Solid wood cedar planks are a step up in closet cedar linings. Besides their strong aromatic cedar smell they also provide a visual charm to a closet. Consequently they are the perfect choice for walk in closets or for closets where visual appearance is a concern.

Solid wood cedar planks are ¼” thick tongue and grooved edged boards that can easily be fastened together and nailed to closet walls. They are however more pricier than cedar waferboard panels.

Cedar Veneer Plywood

You last choice, and sometimes harder to find, is cedar veneer plywood. Cedar veneer plywood provides much of the visual charm as solid wood cedar planks, but at a more affordable price. Like cedar waferboard panels, they install easily with either nails or an adhesive.

With all of these cedar closet lining solutions there is no finish required, except for possibly replacing some closet baseboard trim.

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