Noisy Bathroom Fan

Don’t Let a Noisy Bathroom Ceiling Fan Plague you and your Guests

By Mark J. Donovan

Years ago every time someone turned on the bathroom fan in the downstairs bathroom in our home we would hear this loud roaring sound upstairs. We let the noisy bathroom fan problem persist for many months due to the fact that the bathroom fan was only ever turned on when company was spending the night. Also, the bathroom fan noise didn’t seem to sound as bad in the bathroom itself. One day, however, I finally got around to taking a look at the fan to see what was causing all the noise. It seemed it was the bathroom fan motor assembly itself.

Fortunately, the way these types of bathroom fan / light fixtures are constructed I was able to disconnect a Molex connector inside the bathroom fan unit and remove the motor assembly itself.

I first made sure I turned off power to the bathroom ceiling fan at the main circuit panel before sticking my fingers into the unit.

I then went to my local home improvement store with the fan motor assembly in tow, and found an exact replacement. Yes, this is one advantage of buying a product from a common name manufacturer. Replacement parts are easy to get a hold of.

When I returned home, I simply snapped the new motor assembly into the bathroom fan unit and made sure it was seated properly to ensure there would be no vibrations generated when the bathroom fan was turned on. I then replaced the light bulb and cover plate and turned power back on at the main circuit panel. And with the flick of a switch, my noisy bathroom fan problem was a thing of the past.

Noisy bathroom ceiling fan

So if you have a noisy bathroom fan don’t let the problem persist. With a little luck you too can find an off-the-shelf replacement motor assembly.

Also, if you are in the process of buying a new bathroom ceiling fan make sure to compare the sound ratings of each type. Some are much quieter than others. Also, consider putting your bathroom fan on a timer. It is very common to hear a bathroom ceiling fan running several hours after the last person took a shower in the bathroom. By putting the bathroom fan on a timer you extend the life of it, as well as save money on electric bills.

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