How to Repair a Bathroom Ceiling Fan

Here’s a Simple Fix for a Bathroom Ceiling Fan/Light that is Not Working Properly

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video Mark Donovan of shows how to repair a bathroom ceiling fan that has its fan blade bumping into the metal chassis base unit.

The bathroom ceiling fan motor and light in this situation actually still work. However, recently the bathroom ceiling fan began to make a loud noise when the fan was turned on. To determine the problem I first turned off the electricity to the bathroom ceiling fan/light fixture.

Next, I removed the light cover and bulbs from the bathroom ceiling light/fan.

Then I pulled the electrical wire plugs that were in the bathroom ceiling fan chassis assembly.

Next, using a Philips screwdriver I removed a couple of screws that held the light bulb assembly and ceiling fan motor assembly to the bathroom ceiling fan chassis cavity. This allowed me to remove the light bulb assembly and ceiling fan motor assembly from the chassis.

After carefully examining the plastic bathroom ceiling fan blade on the ceiling fan motor assembly, I saw that the blade was actually coming in contact with the metal chassis associated with the fan motor. I assume this happened due to the many years of use, and that the fan blade had moved slightly down on the motor shaft where it was attached.

To repair the bathroom ceiling fan all I did was just pull the plastic bathroom ceiling fan blade up on the motor shaft a little to create a larger gap between the fan blade and the fan motor metal chassis, thus eliminating the fan blade / metal chassis contact. Then, to ensure the fan blade would no longer drift down on the metal shaft, I applied a dab of liquid nails where the fan blade comes in contact with the motor shaft.

After waiting a few hours for the liquid nails to set up I re-installed the ceiling fan motor assembly unit up into the bathroom ceiling fan chassis cavity. Upon turning on the electricity to the bathroom ceiling fan and hitting the switch to the fan, I confirmed that the ceiling fan no longer had the loud noise associated with it.

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