Electrical Circuit Testers Video

The use of a High Voltage Tester and a Digital Multimeter in Home Electrical Wiring

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video, Mark Donovan of HomeAdditionPlus.com, explains the safety precautions that should be employed when performing home electrical wiring, including turning power off at the main circuit panel and the use of electrical circuit testers.

Mark shows how to use a high voltage neon circuit tester and a digital multimeter. Both can test for high voltage on an electrical outlet, switch or fixture.

The digital multimeter can also be used for checking connectivity in a circuit and for measuring current draw in a circuit.

Measuring connectivity is extremely useful when debugging an electrical circuit, such as figuring out what romex cable end in an electrical box is associated with another romex cable end in another electrical box.

Inspect the stripped wire to make sure there are no nicks on it. If it looks free of nicks you are ready to use the wire in your electrical project.

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