How to Strip a Wire Video

Learn how to Quickly and Properly Strip Insulation from a Wire

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video Mark Donovan of shows how to strip a wire using a pair of wire strippers.

Need to strip a piece of wire of its insulation? If so, use wire strippers. They enable you to cut the wire safely and quickly.

To properly strip the wire simply open up the wire strippers and place the insulated wire into the appropriate sized notch for the gauge wire you are stripping.

Then clamp down on the strippers, making sure to center the insulated wire in the desired notch.

Once you’ve clamped down on it, rotate the wire strippers one or two complete revolutions.

Then, while still holding the wire strippers tight, pull on the length of wire to strip the insulation off the wire.

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Inspect the stripped wire to make sure there are no nicks on it. If it looks free of nicks you are ready to use the wire in your electrical project.

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