Toggle Bolt Anchors

Hanging Wall Items with Toggle Bolt Anchors

By Mark J. Donovan

Toggle Bolt Anchors are used for hanging heavier items or frequently used items on walls. They are commonly used when hanging items on drywall walls. A toggle bolt anchor consists of two parts, a machine screw and a metal spring loaded wing pair. They come in various sizes. Of most importance when selecting a toggle bolt anchor is the diameter and length of the machine screw. The wider the diameter of the machine screw, the more weight that the toggle bolt anchor can support. And the longer the machine screw, the thicker the wall that the toggle bolt anchor can be used on.

For example, a 1/8 inch diameter machine screw associated with a toggle bolt anchor can support up to 50 lbs in ½ inch drywall.

A toggle bolt anchor functions similarly to other types of hollow wall anchors, however they are capable of holding more weight than other wall anchor types. Toggle bolt anchors are ideal for situations where fastening a wall item to a wall stud is impossible. For example, toggle bolt anchors are ideal for heavier pictures or paintings, and for small bathroom towel racks. They can even be used for hanging some shelving types.

Toggle Bolt Anchor Installation

Installing a toggle bolt anchor is easy to do. Simply drill a pilot hole into the drywall that is just a bit wider in diameter than the maximum width of the wings when they are folded up around the bolt.

After drilling the pilot hole, unscrew the machine bolt from the folded wing assembly and slide a wall mounting bracket onto the bolt. Next re-screw the bolt back on to the wing assembly.

Next, squeeze the toggle wings together and slide them, as well as the end of the bolt, through the pilot hole. Once the wings have penetrated through the pilot hole in the drywall they will spring open.

Use a screw driver to tighten up the machine screw / bolt. As the screw is tightened, the toggle bolt anchor wings will flare out firmly against the back of the drywall. Careful not to over-tighten the toggle bolt as it could break or pull through the drywall.

After fastening down the toggle bolt anchor you can then proceed on and attach the wall item to the wall mounting bracket.

Toggle Bolt Wall Anchors

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