New Light Weight Drywall Panels from USG

A New and Light Weight Drywall Panel that Makes Carrying and Installation Much Easier

By Mark J. Donovan

USG recently announced a new light weight drywall panel. The ½ inch thick drywall panels weigh in at approximately 30% less than traditional drywall panels. The new lighter weight drywall panels make carrying and installation much easier. This is particularly helpful for do it yourself homeowners that may not have all the brawn and equipment that the professional drywall contractors have.

This new ½” light weight drywall is constructed out of a patented composite design, and can be used in wood or metal stud framing applications.

The drywall panels can be used on up to 24 inch framing spacing, including ceiling applications when a water-based texture is applied. They also use recycled paper on both their front and back faces.

As with any drywall, they are designed with tapered edges along their long sides to aid in the concealing of joint compound treatments. They are rated for non-fire applications in such applications as new residential construction and home remodeling. They are manufactured to meet ASTM C1396 Specifications for ½” gypsum wallboard and ceiling board and comply with International Building Code and International Residential Code requirements.

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