TapeBuddy – The Drywall Taping Tool

The Drywall Taping Tool for Fast and Easy Taping for all Seams

By Mark J. Donovan

The TapeBuddy is the perfect drywall tape machine for both drywall taping novices and pros alike. It’s user friendly, and takes virtually no time or practice in getting familiar with. I’ve used it on a number of drywall projects around my homes and I was amazed with its ease of use and effectiveness.

From personal experience I can tell you that the TapeBuddy dramatically speeds up the process of taping drywall seams, and ensures the perfect amount and even application of joint compound to the drywall tape every time. As a result, the drywall taping goes faster and you achieve smoother and flatter wall surfaces. Just fill the TapeBuddy with drywall tape and joint compound and it’s ready for use.

I found using the TapeBuddy to be a breeze. Simply pull the coated tape out of the TapeBuddy as you need it, cut it with your taping knife to the desired length, and then apply the tape to the drywall joints with your taping knife. There’s no need for pre-mudding seams with the TapeBuddy, thus saving you significant time as a result. Also, with its unique design that applies more compound to the tape center, you get a better finished wall surface and sanding is dramatically reduced. All pluses in my book, and as a result, I highly recommend the TapeBuddy. – Mark Donovan, CEO and Founder of HomeAdditionPlus.com

Watch this short video to learn how to quickly and easily tape drywall seams using the TapeBuddy drywall taping tool.

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