How to Remove an Old Storm Door Video

With a Few Basic Tools Removing a Storm Door is Simple

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video Mark Donovan, of shows how to remove an old storm door.

If you want to install a new storm door on your home you first need to remove the old one.

With simply a screw driver or two, or a drill gun, you can remove an old storm door in about fifteen minutes.

To remove an old storm door start by making sure to remove the pins that hold the spring mechanism to the door. Then make sure the door is closed and latched.

Next remove all the screws from the outside hinge rail using a screwdriver or a screw gun.

Then remove all the screws from the latch side rail and the top rail piece.

Next carefully attempt to pull the old storm door away from the door frame. If it does not come out and seems to be hung up then open up the screen door itself.

Inspect the inside door rails for additional screws. If there are, remove them.

Hold onto the door frame so that it simply doesn’t fall out or on you as you remove the final rail screws from the side of the doorframe.

Once the storm door is removed use your screw driver and/or hammer to remove the storm door hardware from the hinge side of the doorframe.

Lastly, remove the latch hardware from the latch side of the door frame.

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