How to Install a Storm Door Video

Installing a Storm Door is an Easy DIY Project and Requires Just a Few Basic Tools

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video Mark Donovan, of shows how to install a storm door.

The first step in installing a storm door is to purchase the right one for your doorframe opening. To do this use a measuring tape and measure the opening of the doorframe.

Measure the width of the doorframe along the top, center and bottom of the door opening and record the narrowest measurement. 

Then measure the height of the doorframe opening. Measure at the left, right and center of the doorframe and record the shortest height.

Use the narrowest width and shortest height information to purchase the right storm door.

In this particular storm door installation project a fully integrated storm door was used. Meaning, the storm door and the side rails all came attached as one unit.

To stall this type of storm door, start by sliding it into the bottom of the doorframe. Then push the rest of the door up into place so that it sits flush with the side of the doorframe.

Fasten the storm door to the doorframe with the screws that came along with the door. You’ll need to pre-drill holes into the doorframe where the screw holes are located along the side rails of the storm door.

Next, with the storm door firmly attached to the doorframe open the storm door and install additional screws along the hinge rail on the inside of the doorframe.

Then attach the top rail cover plate above the storm door, again pre-drilling holes for the screws.

Once the top rail is installed snap into place the screw cover plate strips.

With the storm door now securely fastened to the doorframe, adjust the sweep plate along the bottom of the storm door to ensure a tight seal with the bottom of the doorframe.

Next, attach the handle assembly to the door itself.

How to install a storm door

Now attach the closing plates and closing arm brackets to the door and doorframe, respectively. You need to do this for both the bottom and top of the door.

Then attach the closing cylinders to both the top and bottom of the door closing plates / brackets.

Finally, to complete the project, adjust the closing cylinders so that the storm door closes smoothly.

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