Retractable Awnings Turn Decks and Patios into Added Living Space

Retractable Awnings Offer Many Advantages including Home Energy Costs Savings

By Mark J. Donovan

A deck or patio is an extension of the home. They provide outdoor living space that family and friends can enjoy during the warm weather seasons. Depending upon the position of a deck or patio relative to the angle of the sun, a deck or patio can become unbearably hot and bright. In some cases it the sun is hitting it in the late afternoon and early evening it may be difficult to really enjoy the outdoor living space at all. In such situations it may be a wise idea to invest in a retractable awning system.

Retractable awnings, as the name suggests, can be opened or closed depending upon the position of the sun and weather conditions.

They can transform an otherwise unbearably hot deck or patio into a cool and inviting area. They can also shield the deck or patio from a passing shower that could dampen an afternoon or evening guest party.

Retractable awnings also help to keep your home cooler. By shielding the deck or patio that’s directly off of the home it can prevent direct sunlight from entering the home, thus keeping the home cooler and more comfortable during the warm weather seasons. This unique advantage also has the added benefit of reducing air conditioning energy costs during the summer months.

Also, by blocking the sunlight from directly hitting the interior homes flooring and furnishings, retractable awnings can prevent ultraviolet damage to these surfaces areas.

Studies have shown that the use of retractable awnings on exterior decks, patios, and porches can reduce solar heat gain within the home by up to as much as 75%.

Fabric retractable awnings come in many unique designs and colorful looks to complement both the home and the patio or deck. Also, they are not limited to just the deck or patio. There are retractable awning systems for windows, terraces, and porches. Retractable awnings are extremely easy and fast to operate. They can be manually, mechanically, or electronically rolled opened and closed. Most models can be controlled by the simple flick of a switch. Also, they can be partially and fully opened or closed. Some even include a drop valance for added sunlight shielding.

Retractable awnings can be custom made to fit any specific size and width. There are also off-the-shelf standard ones available. All they require for mounting is a solid surface area. They can be mounted onto the side of a home, underneath a soffit, or even on a roof. Retractable awnings are available in a wide host of fabric colors and material types. Most today are fabricated out of 100% acrylic died fabrics. Typically these fabrics will last a decade or more with little fading, stretching, and wear. Retractable awning fabrics can also be easily removed from their bracket mounting assembly for non-season use.

So if your deck or patio is suffering hot during the warm weather seasons, investigate a retractable awning system and begin enjoying more time in your outdoor living space.

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