How to Install Lattice around a Deck

Useful Tips on How to Install Lattice around a Deck

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video Mark Donovan of shows how to install lattice around a deck.

When replacing old and damaged lattice around a deck, try to save the old lattice pieces as templates for cutting out the new lattice material.

In this video I am using 4’x8′ sheets of pressure treated lattice. I am using the thicker 1/4″ lattice so that the deck lattice will standup to the more harsh environment of the lower portion of a deck. I highly recommend not using plastic lattice around the bottom of a deck.

Plastic lattice is very susceptible to cracking and breakage, and should therefore be limited to applications where it can’t be easily banged, e.g. by a lawnmower in this type of application.

After cutting each lattice panel I temporarily fastened them to the side of the deck with one or two exterior grade deck screws to make sure all the panels lined up properly. I then removed them and stained the lattice on the ground.

 How to Install Lattice around a Deck

I stained the lattice using a brush and a transparent decking stain. Staining lattice with a brush is a slow and tedious job, however I find by applying the stain by hand that is holds up better.

After staining the lattice panels and allowing them to sufficiently dry, I permanently installed the lattice using deck screws. I used some additional lumber on the outside corner to dress the corner up a bit.

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