How to Install a Bluestone Patio

Step-by-Step Instructions on Installing a Bluestone Patio

By Mark J. Donovan

A bluestone patio is a beautiful and natural focal point for a backyard. Installing a bluestone patio is fairly easy to do, albeit the stones can be heavy, particularly if working with larger and irregular shaped ones. Bluestone is available in standard paver sizes, as well as in large one inch thick irregular shaped stone sheets that can be trimmed or cut to create unique bluestone patio shapes.

To install a bluestone patio first mark out the area for the bluestone patio using stakes and string. Make sure to place the strings on the stakes so that they are level with the expected finish grade of the bluestone patio.

Make sure the side strings slope away from the house if the bluestone patio is installed next to the home. Slope the strings at a rate of 1/8 inch per linear foot away from the home. The slight grade will allow water to drain off of the bluestone patio and away from the home.

Next excavate the topsoil in the marked area. Then continue to remove additional soil until you have removed about 10 inches of soil from the patio area.

An elliptical bluestone patio.  Bluestone Patio sitting out by the lake edge.

Then install 5-6 inches of gravel in the dugout area and compact it with a plate compactor. You can rent plate compactors from most local home improvement centers.

Next install 3-4 inches of pack material on top of the gravel. Pack material is used to allow water to easily run off from the bluestone patio area.

Again use the plate compactor to compact the pack material. Make sure as you compact the pack material that the finished surface is even and that its grade is consistent with the strings.

With the patio bed complete you can now begin to install the bluestone pavers or stones. If installing a bluestone patio next to the house, start bedding the bluestone pavers or slabs at the house and working your way outwards. Make sure to follow the strings to keep the bluestone patio straight and sloped properly. When installing the bluestone pavers or slabs make sure to level the stones side to side and back to front. Use a rubber mallet to tap the stones into place and to make sure that they are level. Leave about a ½ inch gap in between the bluestone pavers / stones. If cutting is required use a grinder or diamond blade saw to cut the bluestone.

Brick and Paver Walkway Bid Sheet

Once the bluestone pavers or stones have been bedded, go back and fill in the gaps with pack material to lock the paver / stones into place.

Finally spray the patio down with a garden hose to help settle the packing material and to lock the stones into place.

For help on building a new Paver Walkway Patio, see’s Brick and Paver Walkway Bid Sheet. The Brick and Paver Walkway Bid Sheet will teach your how to hire the right landscape contractor, and help to ensure that your paver walkway or patio project is completed on time and budget.

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