Shower Door Types and Styles

Key Features and Issues to Consider when Buying Shower Doors

By Mark J. Donovan

Shower door styles continue to evolve with many new looks and enhancements. Years ago it was the sliding framed shower door that rested on top of the bathtub edge and fastened to the adjacent walls that was the most popular shower door style. The old framed shower door typically had two doors that slid. The two main problems with these types of shower doors was that the metal framed tracks would get pretty nasty looking as mold could easily grow in them, and they were difficult to get in and out of.

Today it is the frameless glass shower door that has become the most popular. Though they are more expensive than the framed shower door type they aesthetically look much more appealing, are easy to open and close, and are much less susceptible to becoming a Petri dish for mold and mildew growth.

They also let in more light since there are no frames to block the light.

Besides choosing between framed and frameless shower doors, there are many other styles and designs features to consider when buying a shower door. Besides purchasing a shower door that looks great, how it opens is another important consideration. If you’re buying custom frameless shower doors they can be designed to open in the most conducive way for your bathroom.

However, if you’re buying an off-the-shelf frameless shower door then you need to carefully measure and consider the size of the shower door opening and what direction you want it to swing open. In some cases you may want the shower door to open inwards versus outwards. In either case, you’ll also want to consider which way the shower door swings open and close and ensure that it doesn’t bang into bathroom or shower fixtures. If you are considering buying folding shower doors, they will need to open outwards to prevent the risk of trapping an occupant in the shower. Frameless glass shower door

Framed shower doors have various finished frame types, including brushed nickel, gold, and silver, as well as brushed aluminum and satin chrome. These same types of metal shower door frames can also come with high shine finishes. Frameless shower doors similarly can be purchased with various types of metal finishes for the hinges and door handles.

If you have a smaller sized bathroom then you may want to consider using a sliding shower door. Sliding shower doors are compact and prevent the concern of having to swing open and bump into bathroom vanities and plumbing fixtures. Again, with sliding shower doors realize they are susceptible to dirt and water build up which typically leads to mold and mildew growth. Consequently with a sliding shower door be prepared to have to clean it often. Trackless shower doors may be a better option for smaller bathrooms as there is no track to have to keep clean or accidently stumble over. Trackless shower doors have accordion style doors.

If you have a corner shower stall, then consider buying a neo angle or pivot style shower door. Again, these types of shower doors take less room to open and close and are fairly easy to keep clean, and provide easy access.

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