Installing a Bathroom Mirror

Installing a Bathroom Mirror Adds Functionality and Elegance to a Bathroom

By Mark J. Donovan

Installing a bathroom mirror is a simple project that most do it yourself homeowners can do. A bathroom mirror is not only functional, but also helps to make a small bathroom appear larger. A screw driver, level, pencil, stud finder and a measuring tape are all that are required for installing a bathroom mirror.

Before installing a bathroom mirror make sure it came with several mounting clips and screws.

These are plastic L-shaped clips that mount flush up against a wall and have a slight recess area for holding the bathroom mirror. The clips are fastened to the wall with screws.

Once you have confirmed that you have all of the required accessory pieces, the first step in installing a bathroom mirror it to position it on the bathroom wall over the sink. Use a pencil to make a couple of slight reference marks on the top and bottom corners adjacent to the mirror.

Next, use a level to confirm that the pencil marks are perfectly horizontal. If not, use one set of pencil marks as a reference and adjust the level accordingly. Make a new mark on the opposite side of where the mirror will be located, and then draw a faint pencil line to between the two marks. Do this for the top and bottom pair of marks, and use your measuring tape to confirm the distance between the top and bottom is the same on either side and is consistent with the mirror height. Use bathroom mirror clips for mounting a mirror.

The next step in installing a bathroom mirror is to find wall studs for mounting the bathroom mirror clips. It is aesthetically preferable to include bathroom mirror clips on the bottom and top edges of the bathroom mirror near the outside edges, however this may not be feasible if the wall studs are not in these locations. It is imperative that the bathroom mirror clips do indeed mount over wall studs, otherwise the bathroom mirror could end up falling off the wall. Fortunately bathroom mirror clips come in clear plastic so they are relatively invisible.

Once you have identified the wall studs, the next step in installing a bathroom mirror is to mount the bathroom mirror clips along the top and bottom traced lines and over the wall studs. Use your screwdriver and screws to fasten the clips to the wall. Note, that it is important to mount the clips so that the bottom edge of the L shape is on the pencil marked lines. The bathroom mirror will rest within the confines of the L shaped space.

Do not snug the bathroom mirror clips down too tightly. Allow a little room for them to pivot so that you have a little space to slide the bathroom mirror into place.

Installation of a Bathroom Mirror.

For the final step in installing a bathroom mirror, rotate the bathroom mirror clips accordingly and then snug them down with your screwdriver.

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