Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

New Bathroom Light Fixtures should be part of every Bathroom Remodeling Project

By Mark J. Donovan

If you’re planning a bathroom remodeling project, don’t forget to include replacing the old bathroom light fixtures. There are many bathroom lighting fixtures to choose from today, and prices vary from the very affordable to the darn right outrageous.

When developing your bathroom remodeling plans, make sure to pencil in your desired bathroom light fixtures. Typical bathroom light fixtures include wall sconces, bathroom vanity lighting, bathroom mirror lights, recessed lighting, bathroom wall lighting, and bathroom ceiling lights with a fan.

Besides bathroom lighting fixture styles, you should also include the rough light fixture dimensions in your bathroom remodeling plans. This way when you go out to look for lights you won’t wind up buying bathroom light fixtures that are either too large or small.

Bathroom Light Styles

There are a number of bathroom light styles to choose from. Some of the more popular bathroom light styles include decorative bathroom lights, contemporary bathroom lights, transitional bathroom lights and traditional bathroom lights.

Bathroom light fixtures are also available in a variety of finishes, including brass, antique brass, brushed nickel, and chrome to name just a few.

Installing Bathroom Light Fixtures

Over the years I have installed many bathroom light fixtures. If you are simply replacing exiting bathroom lights the project is easy enough for most Do-it-yourself homeowners. Just make sure you first turn power off at the main circuit breaker and test the switch a couple of times to make sure the power is truly off prior to replacing the old bathroom lighting fixture.

Also, make sure you read the instructions on how to assemble the bathroom light fixture and always make sure that it is grounded (bonded) to prevent the risk of electrical shock.

Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture

To wire up a new bathroom light fixture, simply put some tape on the exiting power wires that feed the old light fixture prior to removing the wire nuts and disconnecting the old bathroom light fixture. Also make sure you label the tape before unscrewing the wire nuts.

To install the new bathroom light fixture, simply twist together the corresponding hot wires (typically black or red) coming from the electrical box and the new light fixture, and attach a wire nut.

Next, repeat the process on the corresponding neutral wires (typically white) coming from the electrical box and the new bathroom light fixture.

Finally attach the bare copper ground wire to the bathroom light fixture chassis.

If your bathroom remodeling plans include the installation of new bathroom light fixtures then you may want to enlist the services of an electrician, as new Romex wiring will need to be pulled and electrical boxes installed. Yes, it is possible to install new electrical boxes in existing finished walls. It just takes the right tools and skills to do it properly.

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