Installing a Bathroom Countertop Sink

How to Instructions for Installing a Bathroom Countertop Sink

By Mark J. Donovan

While remodeling a bathroom recently I needed to install a bathroom countertop sink. I used a self rimming drop-in bowl as they are the easiest bathroom countertop sink to install.

Cut hole in the Bathroom Countertop Sink

I first needed to cut out a hole in the counter top for the bowl to sit in.

The bathroom countertop sink bowl came with a template for making the hole. I just found the center of the countertop and positioned the template such that it was centered over my center mark on the countertop.

I then traced around the bathroom countertop sink template. I used a little tape to hold the template down while I traced.

I then drilled a couple of 1/4” holes so that I had a place to insert my jigsaw and begin cutting the countertop. I then cut out the hole in the countertop.

After cutting the hole in the countertop, I next temporarily put the bathroom countertop sink into the hole to see how it fit. I then removed it to assemble the faucet and drain assemblies. You don’t want to put the bathroom countertop sink in and then have to assemble the faucet assembly, unless of course you like to contort yourself.

Installing a Bathroom Countertop Sink

Installation of Bathroom Countertop Sink Drain and faucet assembly

Once I confirmed that the bathroom countertop sink bowl would fit properly in the hole, I then assembled the drain assembly to the bowl. I first attached the metal drain pipe with the gasket, washers and locknut to the drain hole in the bottom of the bowl. Note that I used a little plumbing putty around the gasket and washer to ensure a waterproof seal.

I then installed the faucet assembly and the hot and cold supply lines to the bathroom countertop sink bowl, using the washers and nuts supplied.

Final installation Bathroom Countertop Sink Bowl into the Countertop

With this particular bathroom countertop sink bowl it was so heavy that all I did was apply a bead of plumbers putty underneath the lip of the bowl prior to placing the sink bowl in the sink. I did not use any other type of mounting mechanism. For lighter bathroom countertop sink bowls, there are mounting clips that can be used to securely snug the bowl to the countertop.

For a finishing touch I applied a white bead of silicon caulk around the edge of the bathroom countertop sink bowl to get a waterproof seal.

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Finally I connected the faucet supply hoses to the supply lines that protruded out of the wall and into the vanity. I then turned the supply valves on and I was in business.

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