Solieque Vanity Countertops

A Solid Surface Solieque Vanity Countertop is an Ideal Solution for a Bathroom Vanity Countertop

By Mark J. Donovan

As part of a bathroom remodeling project I installed a new bathroom vanity and a solid surface Solieque vanity countertop. I had previously not installed a Solieque vanity countertop and was very much impressed with its look and quality. The particular Solieque vanity countertop that I installed was manufactured out of a solid surface material and included an under-mounted Corian bathroom sink. It had a smooth and non-porous surface that made it ideal for a bathroom application where mold and mildew growth can be a common problem.

The overall thickness of my particular bathroom vanity was ½” thick and came with a Set-on backsplash.

Solieque solid surface vanity countertops are manufactured using a blend of acrylic resin and natural minerals. And again, since they are non-porous they are impervious to stains.

Besides its quality and aesthetics, another reason why I decided to go with a Solieque vanity countertop was that I could have it manufactured to my custom specifications.

I had a unique bathroom vanity requirement that required an odd length countertop with a centered sink bowl. As a result, an off the shelf solution was not feasible. I also liked the fact that Solieque vanity countertops can easily be repaired for minor scratches. All that is needed for removing small scratches is a Scot-Brite pad.

Solieque Vanity Countertop

Installing Solieque Vanity Countertop

Installation of the Solieque bathroom vanity countertop was a breeze. I first installed the bathroom faucet assembly and drain pipe onto the Solieque vanity countertop.

Then, after making sure the bathroom vanity was level and secured to the wall with screws, I put a series of dime size dabs of silicone caulk every 6 inches all along the top perimeter edge of the bathroom vanity. Prior to applying the silicone caulk I wiped down the perimeter edge with a rag to remove any dust. I then carefully placed the Solieque vanity countertop onto the top rim of the bathroom vanity, resting the back edge of the countertop onto the rim first. Using a damp rag I then wiped away the excess silicone caulk.

To complete the installation of the Solieque countertop vanity, I wiped down the back sides of the backsplashes with denatured alcohol and then applied dabs of silicone caulk onto the backside of the two back splash pieces and along the bottom edges.

Solieque SInk and Vanity Countertop

I then set them in place against the bathroom wall and the top surface of the Solieque vanity countertop to complete the project.

So if you are looking for a beautiful looking bathroom vanity countertop that is simple to install consider installing a Solieque vanity countertop. They come in a myriad of colors and can be manufactured to meet your specific countertop needs.

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