Should You Install Bathroom Countertop Side Backsplashes?

The Benefits of Installing Bathroom Side Backsplashes

By Mark J. Donovan

I was recently asked the question on whether or not it’s a good idea to install a side backsplash on a bathroom countertop. In this particular case the bathroom cabinet and countertop were being sandwiched in between two adjacent bathroom closets so the homeowner needed two side backsplash countertop pieces to go along with the back countertop backsplash.

I explained to the woman that if it was my house I would spend the extra money on the additional backsplash material.

Why Install Side Backsplashes around Bathroom Countertop

Summarized below I have my four reasons why I made this recommendation.

First and foremost, the bathroom countertop side backsplashes provide additional protection to the bathroom walls, and in this woman’s particular case, she had birch wood on the walls.

Water and wood don’t mix. Within short order she’d be guaranteed to have spotting, pitting and dark formations forming on the birch wood due to water splashes and puddles on the bathroom countertop. Even if it had been adjacent drywall walls, spilled water that ends up against the adjacent drywall walls would eventually lead to hard to clean mold growth.

Second, the bathroom side backsplash pieces help to hide any imperfections in non-straight walls, which undoubtedly is the case with just about every wall that is framed.

Should You Install Bathroom Countertop Side Backsplashes

Third, countertop backsplashes around all adjacent sink walls is aesthetically more attractive. The countertop looks completely finished when backsplashes are installed on all adjacent walls.

Lastly, the cost and effort associated with installing side backsplash pieces is minimal. All you do to install countertop backsplash pieces is apply a little adhesive to the back of the backsplash pieces and press them in place up against the wall. Of course, you’ll probably need to measure and custom order the side backsplash pieces if you’re using a Corian or stone type bathroom countertop. You’ll also want to apply a small bead of caulk around all the outside seams to ensure no water seeps in between the base of the backsplash and the countertop surface.

So if you’re contemplating installing side backsplash bathroom countertop pieces spend the extra time and money and achieve a more aesthetically pleasing bathroom countertop.

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