How to Install Shelves on Bathroom Walls Video

Add Character and Charm to your Bathroom Walls by Installing Accent Shelves

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video Elaine Donovan of shows how to install shelving on walls in a bathroom.

Does your bathroom look a little plain? Are the walls looking bare and boring? Do something about it. Install some small shelves on the bathroom walls and place some interesting and colorful accent baubles on them.

You don’t need to be a carpenter to install wall shelves, and you don’t need to have a wide assortment of tools.

Even if you are a novice DIY homeowner or apartment dweller you can install wall shelves. All you need to do is read on and watch the video on this page. With the knowledge learned, and a few basic tools you’ll be able to install shelves on your walls in about an hour.

All you will need for tools is a pencil, measuring tape, level, hammer, drill and drill bit, and a screw driver, although Elaine used a screw gun in the video to speed up the project.

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The first step in installing wall shelves is to roughly locate where you want the shelves, and to make a small mark on the wall with your pencil where they are to be installed. More specifically, mark the edge location of the shelf as you hold it up against the wall.

Next, measure the length of the shelf and divide by two. Make a note of your calculation.

Then, using your tape measure, measure the distance from the mark on your wall to the distance you just calculated. Make a small pencil mark at this point. This is your center point location for the shelf.

Use a carpenter’s level to draw a very faint line on the wall, using the mark you just made on the wall as a reference point.

On the back of the shelf, measure the distance from the top of the shelf to the center point of where the mounting block and/or screws will be located. Record this measurement. Transpose this measurement onto the wall at the center point you previously made on the wall. You may need to make one or two small marks depending upon how many screws are required for the mounting block. Most likely you will also have to offset the marks from the center point.

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In Elaine’s case there were two screws separated 2 inches apart, and thus she made two marks on the wall to identify where the screws needed to go. Each screw was centered one inch down, and one inch away from the center point wall mark.

Now, use your drill and drill bit to drill pilot holes into the wall at the previously marked locations. Make sure to use a drill bit slightly smaller than the thickness of the plastic wall anchors.

Next, tap in the plastic wall anchors using a hammer. Make sure they are flush with the drywall.

Fasten the mounting block and/or screws to the plastic wall anchors using your screwdriver.

Then place the shelf onto the mounting block to complete the project.

Lastly, place some attractive baubles on top of the shelf to add some accent pieces to the bathroom wall.

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