How to Fix a Leaking Showerhead Faucet

Step-by-Step Instructions for Fixing a Leaky Showerhead Faucet

By Mark J. Donovan

A leaking showerhead faucet can be excruciatingly annoying. On top of that, even though a singular drip may not seem like a lot, the constant dripping of the showerhead faucet adds up over time wasting a significant amount of water and costing you money.

Fixing a leaking showerhead faucet is easy to do. You don’t need to replace the showerhead faucet and nor do you need to call in a plumber. All you need are a few basic tools, a replacement washer, plumbers tape, silicone lubricant, and some white vinegar. 

Tools Required for Fixing a Leaky Showerhead Faucet

For specific tools, you’ll need an adjustable wrench, a screwdriver, an old tooth brush, and a thin rag. In less than an hour you can fix a leaking showerhead faucet on your own.

Likely Source of Leaky Showerhead Faucet

The root causes of most leaky showerhead faucets is either water leaking around where the outlet pipe screws into the showerhead unit, or the holes in the showerhead becoming clogged and water backing up into the showerhead and finding another exit point from the showerhead. Showerhead holes can become clogged due to lime deposits that form in them.

Steps for Fixing Leaky Showerhead Faucet

To fix your leaky showerhead faucet first start by removing the showerhead from the outlet pipe. Use your adjustable pliers to disconnect the showerhead from the outlet pipe.

You may want to place the thin rag over the fitting prior to sliding the adjustable wrench over it. This way you’ll protect the fitting from becoming marred by the pliers.

How to fix a leaking showerhead faucet.

After removing the showerhead, inspect the backend of the showerhead and replace the old washer that is in the end of it.

Next apply a few turns of plumbers tape around the end of the outlet pipe and reattach the showerhead to the outlet pipe.

If your showerhead has a rotating head, prior to reattaching it back to the outlet pipe you may also want to apply a little silicone lubricant to the interior swivel ball. To reach the interior swivel ball you may need to disassemble the showerhead a bit more.

If your showerhead has clogged holes, after removing it from the outlet pipe you may also want to remove the faceplate using your screwdriver and soak the faceplate in a small container of white vinegar for several hours.

The vinegar will loosen up and help dissolve the lime deposits. If the faceplate doesn’t easily detach from the showerhead then just soak the entire showerhead in the container of vinegar.

After soaking the showerhead faucet for a few hours use an old tooth brush to scrub the head. 

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Then reassemble the showerhead and reattach it to the outlet pipe as described earlier. And with a little luck, you’ve now fixed your leaky showerhead faucet.

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