Bathroom Remodeling Includes Bathroom Accessories

Key Bathroom Accessories to Consider in a Bathroom Remodeling Project

By Mark J. Donovan

Bathroom remodeling is more than just about toilets, bathroom vanities, shower and bathtubs and flooring. It is also about selecting the right bathroom accessories that help make the bathroom functional, such as towel racks, toilet paper racks, lighting, and mirrors. In addition, bathroom remodeling is also about the small bathroom accessories that help to define your personality and tastes, such as wall and floor coverings, towel and wash cloth fabrics and patterns, and even window treatments.

Bathroom accessories should be an integral part of the bathroom remodeling project and consequently should be fully thought out during the bathroom remodeling planning stage.

Too often bathroom accessories are an afterthought in the remodeling project and thus the finished bathroom looks like a mishmash of uncoordinated wall, floor, and towel colors and patterns. The wall coverings, flooring, and towel colors and pattern should be coordinated such that they complement each other as well as the bathroom plumbing fixtures.

Another aspect of bathroom accessories that needs to be thoroughly considered in the bathroom remodeling stage is the actual placement and location of towel and toilet paper racks. Frequently there is insufficient wall space to support an appropriate number of towel racks. And sometimes you wind up finding a toilet paper rack out of hands reach of the toilet. By planning ahead these types of bathroom accessories can make the bathroom more functional.

Bathroom lighting is another major bathroom accessory that is not fully considered in many bathroom remodeling projects. It is important to have both room and spot lighting in the bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Coverings are great bathroom remodeling accessory ideas.

A central overhead room light that includes a bathroom exhaust fan should be the starting point in the bathroom lighting design. Second, spot lighting over the sink should be considered. Spot lighting should include consideration of wall lighting, sconces, incandescent lights and/or halogen lights. Finally, lighting above or near the bathtub and shower unit should be considered. Too frequently bathroom remodeling jobs are completed with little to no lighting over the tub/shower unit. Don’t find yourself in the dark when taking a shower.

The use of mirrors is another major bathroom accessory that is frequently left to the last minute. Besides allowing you to see yourself when putting on your makeup or doing your hair, mirrors can help make a small bathroom look larger and help to diffuse the bathroom lighting. So consider mirror size, style and locations when planning your bathroom remodeling project.

Finally, window treatments are an extremely important bathroom accessory. Window treatments play both a functional and aesthetic role in your bathroom. Window treatments can help to provide privacy as well as complement the wall and floor patterns. Again, it is important to pick colors and styles that coordinate well with the wall, floor and towel colors and patterns.

Bathroom Remodeling Bid Sheet

So before you kick off your bathroom remodeling project, make sure you have fully thought out the use, type and locations of the various, and necessary bathroom accessories.

For help on your bathroom remodeling project, see my Bathroom Remodeling Bid Sheet. The Bathroom Remodeling Bid Sheet provides a request for quote checklist section that you can provide to prospective bathroom remodeling contractors. It also includes a comprehensive bathroom remodeling cost breakdown table, in Microsoft Excel format, that allows the contractor to include his projected remodeling costs for every phase of the project.

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