Bath Lighting Fixtures

Every Bathroom Remodeling Plan should Include Bathroom Light Fixtures

By Mark J. Donovan

Bath lighting fixtures are often an afterthought in bathroom remodeling design plans. Bathroom light fixtures however play a major role in bringing both functional and aesthetic purpose to a bathroom. Consequently bath lighting fixtures should be near the top of a homeowners list when defining the key features in a bathroom remodeling project, at least at a high level. You don’t necessarily need to pick out the particular light fixtures during the planning phase of a bathroom remodeling project, however you should at least write down the general bathroom lighting fixture types that you prefer.

For example, a high level decision should be made on whether or not you prefer modern and contemporary bathroom lighting or more of a rustic look.

You should also identify where you want bathroom lighting fixtures installed in the bathroom. Wall bathroom vanity lighting and general overhead ceiling bathroom lighting should go without saying. However, depending upon your specific bathroom remodeling plans, you may want to include additional recessed lighting over the shower stall and vanity areas for example.

Another bath lighting fixture decision is on the finish type. Bronze and Nickel bath lighting fixture finishes are quite popular today. Brass bathroom lighting fixtures, on the other hand have faded in popularity with today’s modern home.

Also consider the use of dimmer switches in the bathroom. It’s better to over-light a bathroom and have to dim it down a bit rather than have insufficient lighting. Also, dimmer switches allow the ability to set a bathroom mood and are a great alternative to using candles when soaking in a whirlpool bathtub on a cold winter night.

Bathroom Lighting Fixture mounted above mirror.

Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures

Bathroom vanity lights come in all types of shapes sizes, and styles and provide both function and beauty. Bathroom vanity light fixtures are important for illuminating mirrors and providing workspace lighting. They also help to enhance the overall charm and look of the bathroom and should be selected in coordination with the other bathroom accessories including faucets, window treatments and wall coverings.

When it comes to bathroom vanity lighting alternatives, wall sconce bath light fixtures placed on either side of a bathroom mirror are a great substitute to the basic set of strip lights over the bathroom mirror, particularly if there is recessed overhead lighting already included in the bathroom remodeling plans.

Recessed Ceiling Bath Lighting Fixtures

Besides the standard combo ceiling fan light, which is an essential requirement in any bathroom, recessed bath light fixtures in the bathroom are perfect for providing general overhead lighting. They are particularly useful for otherwise dark areas of the bathroom such as over a shower stall or tub area.

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They are not however a substitute for bathroom vanity lighting as they will produce shadows on your face.

By layering bathroom light fixtures you can reduce glare and shadows when standing in front of the bathroom mirror.

Consequently recessed ceiling bath lighting fixtures should be used in concert with other bathroom light fixtures. Recessed bath light fixtures are available in low voltage or line voltage types.

No matter what your preferred style is for bath lighting fixtures make sure to include more than enough light in your bathroom remodeling plans.

Again, it is better to have too much light and need to dim them down, than not to have enough and have no choice but to either live with a dark bathroom or punch into walls and ceilings and add more lights.

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