Lighting for Bathroom

A Bathroom Light Design should be Included in Your Bathroom Remodeling Plans

By Mark J. Donovan

Bathroom lighting is often an afterthought when remodeling a bathroom. If planning a bathroom remodel, make sure to include in your remodeling budget a line item for bathroom light fixtures. Lighting is extremely important in a bathroom design as it provides both functionality and aesthetics to the bathroom. Lighting for bathrooms comes in two basic forms, natural lighting and electrical lighting. Natural lighting involves the integration of windows and/or skylights in the bathroom design. Electrical bathroom lighting comes in a myriad of styles and technology options.

To help in selecting the appropriate electrical lighting for your bathroom talk to a professional lighting designer.

They can explain the various bathroom light fixtures and technologies, such as LED lighting, on the market today. Have a lighting designer visit your bathroom remodeling project to get a firsthand look at your bathroom space. With an onsite visit they’ll be able to provide you with the best bathroom lighting solutions for your remodel.

When contemplating lighting for your bathroom, think layering. For example, think about including overhead lighting, as well as bathroom wall lights. The bathroom wall lighting should be positioned over and on the sides of the bathroom mirror. Also, think task lighting. By including lighting around the bathroom mirror you’ve addressed the bathroom vanity work area, however also consider bathroom task lighting over the toilet and near the tub/shower area. Moreover, don’t limit yourself necessarily to one light bulb for each work space or task area. Include bathroom light fixtures with multiple light bulbs to provide adequate lighting. There are many bathroom lighting fixtures to choose from.

Lighting for bathrooms should also include accent light fixtures and decorative lights. They should be strategically located where wall hangings and other bathroom accessories are expected to be placed, or where you want to accent specific areas of the bathroom.

Also include ambient lighting. Ambient lighting is achieved by mounting bathroom light fixtures so that the light reflects off of the bathroom ceiling. This helps to eliminate shadows and give a warm glow to the bathroom. It also helps to project a better image of you when looking at yourself in the mirror.

Finally, consider including dimmer switches in your bathroom lighting design. They can help to create moods and scenes in your bathroom, depending upon the time of day and what you plan to do in the bathroom, e.g. take a relaxing, soaking bath.

Dimmer switches can also be used to generate night lights for the bathroom.

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