How to Maintain a Dry Basement

Tips for Maintaining a Dry Basement and Preventing Basement Mold

By Mark J. Donovan

Maintaining a dry basement is critical for the prevention of basement mold and mildew. Mold and mildew need moisture to develop and grow, and by creating and maintaining a dry basement you can prevent these insidious fungi from affecting the health of your family.

To maintain a dry basement start by examining the outside of your home. Make sure the soil grade sheds water away from your home’s foundation.

Also inspect the gutters and down spouts to make sure they direct water away from the home.

Next inspect the inside of the basement. In particular focus on the basement walls and floor. Look for foundation cracks and signs of water infiltration. Look for water stains, particularly around the bolt depressions that held the concrete forms in place when the basement was poured. If necessary seal any cracks in the foundation or in the bolt depressions if you see any signs of water stains.

If you are aware of a persistent water problem that prevents you from maintaining a dry basement, then consider hiring a basement waterproofing company. They may recommend sealing the exterior or interior of the home’s basement foundation. In addition, they may require the installation of a French perimeter drain system around the basement foundation.
Once you have tackled the big items for maintaining a dry basement, next check out all of the plumbing pipes.Make sure there are no slow leaks. In addition, add pipe insulation to all of the supply line pipes to prevent condensation during hot and humid weather. Also, make sure the clothes dryers and any basement bathroom ventilation fans are vented to the outside.
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Once you have taken all of these measures for maintaining a dry basement, purchase a dehumidifier and use it regularly. It is important to use it daily during hot and humid times of the year when moisture levels in basements tend to be higher.

Finally, buy a circulating fan and use it frequently in the basement. By circulating the air in the basement you will maintain a dryer basement, and help to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

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