Finishing Your Basement Can be Rewarding

Basement Remodeling Project Design Cost Estimates

By Mark J. Donovan

Finishing your basement and transforming it into a finished basement can prove to be very rewarding. Frequently the additional living space gained from finishing a basement is used for a variety of entertainment functions including: Recreation Rooms, Bars, Gyms, Billiard Rooms, Home Theatres and Family Rooms. In addition, Bedrooms and Bathrooms are also incorporated into the floor space. Typically the square foot cost of finishing your basement is significantly lower than other floors within the home.

Finishing your Basement – Planning and Design Stage

Planning and Designing is critical before starting a Finished Basement remodeling project.

From a financial standpoint, first determine how big your budget is and how you will finance the project. Will a mortgage be required or can you refinance or obtain a home equity loan?

From the project standpoint, carefully consider what you want to use the finished basement space for. As part of this consideration, consider basement ceiling heights, existing pipes, Oil Tanks, and Heating and Water systems. Also consider lighting.

Finishing your Basement – Lighting Considerations

To make your finished basement cozy, warm and comfortable, the number and kinds of lights to install is key. In addition, consider natural lighting. Can additional windows be installed and will they be appropriate for the finished space?

Finishing your Basement – Bathrooms and Pump-Up Systems

Installing a Bathroom in a finished basement remodeling project can be a challenge, particularly if a pump-up system is required.

 Basement Remodeling Bid Sheet

It is important you meet with a plumber before you start any work, as they will have many questions and requirements for your bathroom. Potentially the most onerous aspect of installing a Bathroom may be the removal of some of the cement flooring. This is a very dusty and messy job!
Also consider heating. Does the existing furnace have the capacity to support the additional space of your finished basement? If not, you will need to consider putting in a bigger system or creating a secondary heating system.

Finishing your Basement – Moisture Prevention and Mitigation

Finally, and probably the most important aspect to consider when planning, and finishing your basement remodeling project, is dealing with moisture. A finished basement will quickly loose its charm if water problems create mold and mildew. Basement floors and walls should be sealed and insulated to reduce moisture content in the basement. Even with these precautions, a dehumidifier may be required.

Basement Addition and Basement Finishing

For more help on Basement Additions, see’s Basement Remodeling Bid sheet. The Basement Remodeling Bid Sheet will help ensure that your hire the right contractor so that your basement remodeling project is done correctly and you get the project finished on time and budget.

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