Basement Home Gyms

Create your own Workout Room and Sanctuary with a Basement Home Gym

By Mark J. Donovan

A basement is an ideal spot for creating a home gym. A basement home gym is away from the rest of the home so that it does not disturb others and it has a solid floor to support the weight of heavy home gym equipment. A basement home gym is also a great way to save on annual gym membership fees and will most likely result in you working out more regularly. Having a home gym can cut your workout time in half when you factor in all of the time necessary to get to and from local gym.

When contemplating creating a basement home gym, there are number of items you need to consider.

First, it is important to note that home gym equipment takes us more space then you may realize, particularly when you factor in necessary area to walk around the exercise equipment.

So when planning to build a basement home gym, make a list of all of the home gym equipment you intend to have in your gym.

Sketch out some scaled drawings of the home gym and the gym equipment to make sure the space will be large enough to properly use the equipment. Also, consider the height of your basement. It is important to make sure there is sufficient headroom to allow for standing on a stair stepper, for example.

When sketching out the basement home gym, also consider space for including a stereo system and/or a television. It is important to have your basement home gym contain as many of the same accoutrements as your local gym in order to ensure your regular use of it.

When sketching out your drawings for your basement home gym also consider the location for electrical outlets and cable boxes. In addition, it is important to consider sufficient lighting.

Locating a basement home gym near the walk out area of a basement is an ideal way to let in natural light. If your basement does not afford you a great deal of natural light, make sure you include sufficient overhead lighting in your plans.

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You want to make sure your basement home gym is well lighted so do not skimp on light fixtures. The use of Can Incandescent lights is ideal, as they can provide bright spot lighting over particular areas of the home gym. If you are into Yoga you may also want to consider including dimmer controls for the lighting as they can help set the mood for mediation by dimming the lights.

It is also important to consider the flooring in your basement home gym. A cold concrete floor is less than enjoyable and could lead to cracked weights. Consider installing rubberized flooring or carpeting.

Air conditioning and ventilation are also two other major items that must be considered when building a basement home gym. Make sure the room has plenty of air flow and that the temperature and humidity levels can be controlled. Basements with high humidity levels can cause your home gym equipment to potentially rust and become non-functional. In addition a basement with high humidity levels can cause the growth of mold spores and mildew. Both are counterproductive to your home and your personal well being. Ideally your basement home gym’s HVAC system should be designed to provide cool dry air. Finally, for the finishing touches, consider the installation of mirrors and towel racks.

Basement home gym

So if you want to work our regularly and are already in the process of planning a basement remodeling project, consider including a basement home gym. Home gyms are becoming increasingly popular with homebuyers as more and more workers spend their days working out of the home. A basement home gym if designed properly can become both a workout room and a personal sanctuary.

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