Basement Storage Shelves

Unclutter your Basement with Basement Storage Shelves

By Mark J. Donovan

Basement storage shelves are an excellent way to better utilize a basement and help protect items from potential water damage. You can buy metal or plastic prefabricated storage shelves or make your own basement storage shelves. Both solutions are fairly inexpensive and can transform a cluttered space into a well organized basement.

Over the years I have walked through many homes and have seen a lot of basements that look like dumping grounds. Besides cluttering up the basement floor, most of the items left on the basement floor frequently end up smelling moldy and musty. The stored items are also susceptible to water damage if the basement has water problems.

Whether buying or building basement storage shelves it is best to have adjustable shelves. As is the case with many items relegated to be stored in the basement, they come in many different shapes and sizes.

If you are building your own basement storage shelves I would highly recommend using pressure treated material for the base and CDX plywood for the shelves themselves. Oriented Strand Board (OSB) has the tendency to swell or delaminate if it comes in contact with water or high moisture levels, as is frequently the situation when it comes to basements. Alternatively you can construct basement storage shelves that hang from the floor joists.

This method of construction can eliminate the need for using pressure treated material as the shelves do not need to come in contact with the basement floor.

 Basement Remodeling Bid Sheet

If you plan to buy basement storage shelves look for ones that can support heavier weights. As is the case with most shelves, basement storage shelves are frequently put under a great deal of load due to the amount of items we attempt to place on them.

I also personally like solid shelves versus wired shelves as I can lay smaller items directly on the shelves without having to worry about them sliding through the wired or perforated shelves.

Regardless of what type of basement storage shelves you decide upon, it is always wise to include a dehumidifier in the basement. Maintaining a relative humidity below 50% will help to prevent mold and mildew growth and help to minimize musty basement smells from permeating your stored items.

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