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Save on Home Energy Bills by Installing Replacement Windows

By Mark J. Donovan

Window replacement is one of the best investments you can make in your home. With energy costs continuing to rise, you can save significantly on your home heating and air condition bills by replacing your old windows. Today’s replacement windows are offered in single, double and even triple pane low-E glass options, thus protecting your home from ultraviolet light damage and keeping your house more comfortable.

In addition, today’s window technology allows for windows to open and close much easier than your old windows. And with tilt-out options, window cleaning is a relative breeze.

Replacement Window Shapes and Styles

Replacement Windows come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Replacement windows include double hung windows, casement windows, bay windows, awning windows, bow windows, and even skylights. They are also manufactured in a number of materials, including wood, aluminum fiberglass, and vinyl. There are solid vinyl, wood, and aluminum window frames, aluminum or vinyl clad window frames, and composite window frames available today.

With all of the window replacement options on the market today, there is a window solution for almost any homeowner’s budget.

Window Replacement Material Types

Vinyl window replacements are frequently selected by homeowners as they do not require painting and are easy to maintain. Pricing varies depending upon the quality of the window. Some vinyl replacement windows are actually wood windows with vinyl cladding (the exterior of the window is coated in vinyl). The nice thing about these windows is that you get the natural wood look on the inside, and the low maintenance features on the outside.

Wood replacement windows are also still very popular, as they can be quite affordable and offer that natural look inside the home. The only downside is that they require painting and maintenance. Also, over the years, the window sills frequently end up checking (splitting).

Metal/Steel window replacements are also another good alternative. The only downside of these windows is that they can be dented resulting in permanent damage.

Window Replacement Technology

Besides low-E glass options, window replacements are also offered in a variety of high insulation R-values, R-values that are not seen in older windows. The higher the R-value offered by the window manufacturer the less heat transfer, and thus the more efficient the window is.
U-factor is another key specification associated with replacement windows. The U-factor indicates the rate of heat transfer from the inside of your home to the outside via the window.

Also, many of the window replacement options come with shatterproof glass. This technology involves the process of sandwiching a piece of plastic between the glass panes. The result is a much stronger window that is more resistant to breaking.

The most interesting of all window technology features is light controlled windows. With this technology, suspended black particles can be moved/rotated in such a way to limit light passing through the window. These types of windows can be manually or automatically controlled to block light. This technology may eventually eliminate the need for window shades.

How to Install a Window Ebook

Find the Right Replacement Window and Installer for Your Home

If your windows are old and you feel drafts around them, then consider dressing up your home with new window replacements. They look great, are easy to install, and are more affordable than ever with today’s high energy costs.

If you need more help on choosing the right window replacement for your home, contact one of our pre-screened window installation contractors. They can help you select the replacement windows that are right for your home and budget, and perform the installation.

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