Metal Roof Installation and Metal Roof Shingle Advancements

Review of Metal Roof System Trends

By Mark J. Donovan

I recently attended a home show in my area and spent some time talking to a metal roof installation company on the value and benefits of DECRA metal shingles. I was extremely impressed with their product and the overall advancements in residential metal roofing.

Metal roof installations and metal roof shingles are not what they used to be. If a metal roof conjures up visions of corrugated metal or large shiny red or green panels, then its time to for you to get an update on the latest materials and trends in metal roof installation. They’ve gone mainstream traditional.

Metal roof systems Advantages and Disadvantages

On the plus side metal roof systems typically have longer warranties, are fire retardant, are light weight and easy to install, and are resistant to insects and rot. In addition, they reflect the sun’s radiant heat which helps to reduce heat build up in the attic.

On the minus side, traditional metal roof systems are expensive, prone to dents, difficult to repair or patch, and are noisy – particularly if there is no attic space.

To sum it up in one sentence metal shingle technology has come a long way in eliminating the minuses. DECRA’s metal shingles, installed, look like traditional asphalt architectural shingles. The metal shingles come in 21” x 52” sections and are stone-coated in five color variations.

In addition, unlike their predecessors, stone-coated metal shingles are much less sensitive to damage. Because of their stone-coating you can walk on them without fear of denting them. They are also warranted for hail damage due to their unique construction.

Metal roof installation.

DECRA’s metal shingles are also extremely lightweight. They weigh approximately a third of traditional asphalt shingles. Because of their light weightiness, frequently the old asphalt shingle layer(s) do not need to be removed. This helps to mitigate the higher material costs associated with the metal shingles.

Unlike typical metal roof installations, DECRA’s metal shingles install very similar to traditional asphalt 3-Tab shingles. The process basically involves laying the first course and installing several fasteners at the top of each shingle. The next course of shingles is installed by first interlocking the top of the lower course panels with the bottom of the upper course panels. The upper course panels are then secured at the top with fasteners. This process is repeated all the way to the ridge. At the ridge, a ridge vent is installed and a DECRA metal ridge shingle is then fastened to it. Due to the light weight of these metal shingles the metal shingle installation process is extremely fast.

In general, metal roof shingles can cost two to three times the cost of traditional asphalt shingles. However, the warranty on DECRA’s metal roof shingles is 50 years, where as with asphalt shingles it is typically 25-40 years.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing Bid Sheet

The DECRA warranty is also transferable. DECRA’s metal roof shingles are warranted for wind up to 120 MPH, where as standard asphalt roofs only warranty up to 60-100 MHP. As a result, the threat of repair due to wind damage is highly reduced with DECRA metal roof shingles.

Metal roofs have come a long way in recent years, and DECRA’s new stone-coated metal shingles are leading the way in this process. Though more expensive than traditional asphalt shingles, their extended life, as well as their attractive appearance, makes them a great investment for the homeowner. And because of their 50 year transferable warranty your investment is protected.

For more help on Shingling Your Home’s Roof, see’s Asphalt Shingle Roofing Bid Sheet. The Asphalt Shingle Roofing Bid Sheet will help to ensure that your roof won’t end up with a blue tarp over it and a dumpster sitting in your yard for weeks as you wait for the roofing contractor to come back and finish roofing your home.

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