Rockwell Random Orbital Sander Review and Video

A Random Orbital Sander with anti Vibration Technology that Improves Productivity and Reduces Feedback vibration by up to 50%

By Mark J. Donovan

Mark Donovan of reviews Rockwell’s random orbital sander (RK4245K) with active vibration canceling technology.

A random orbital sander is a common woodworking tool used for sanding furniture and other finished surface materials and items. As the name suggests a random orbital sander has a spinning disk that goes through an irregular orbit as it spins. As a result, it produces a high quality sanded finish while at the same time significantly reducing the risk of inadvertent scratches frequently caused with older sanders.

Dramatically Reduced Vibration

What I really found superlative with the Rockwell RK4245K random orbital sander was its unique active canceling vibration technology, referred to by Rockwell as VibrafreeTM.

Compared to conventional counterbalancing mechanisms the RK4245K random orbital sander’s VibrafreeTM technology reduces vibration by up to 50%. As a result, sanding productivity is increased by as much as 100%. In addition, feedback vibration to the hand is dramatically minimized.

After using other random orbital sanders for an extended period of time, I found the vibration feeling lingering in my hands for an hour or more. This was not the case with Rockwell’s RK4245K random orbital sander.

I also found the RK4245K to be much quieter than other random orbital sanders that I have used in the past.

Comfortable Palm Grip

Besides minimal vibration, I also found the RK4245K random orbital sander’s rubberized palm handle area comfortable to grip. In addition, the on/off sealed rubber switch was a fingertip away when holding and operating the sander.

High Power and Performance

In regards to its sanding performance I found the RK4245K, with its 5 inch diameter sanding head and 2.7 amp motor delivering 12,000 orbits per minute, to stand out in its ability to quickly and efficiently remove material. In addition, with its random 1/8 inch orbital action it produced smooth swirl-free finishes.

Dust Control

Dust is a major concern for me and other woodworkers when operating a random orbital sander. I found the RK4245K to perform extremely well in dust collection. With its cyclonic dust/air separator, and its dust extraction adapter that can easily be connected to vacuum cleaners, I found the dust generated by the sander to be well managed and contained within the RK4245K.

Its bag-less and filter-less Cyclonic/Dust/Air SeparatorTM system produces an advanced airflow design that guides and traps dust particles in the dust collector box while allowing air to easily escape. This unique dust/air filtering and separation system helps the RK4245K random orbital sander achieve its high sanding productivity.

Summary Conclusions

I found the Rockwell RK4247K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Vibrate Free to be an excellent value and extremely effective tool for the woodworking shop. Combined with its VibrafreeTM vibration reduction technology, comfortable palm grip, and power, the RK4245K stands out as a winner in my opinion. With dramatically reduced vibration I was able to operate it for extended periods of time without leaving my hands buzzing or tingling afterwards. If you are in the market for a new random orbital sander then I would suggest taking a look at the Rockwell RK4245K random orbital sander.

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