Prefabricated Home Packages

Today’s Prefabricated Home Packages are Renowned for Quality, Energy Efficiency and Affordability

By Mark J. Donovan

It used to be that prefabricated home packages were synonymous with low cost and often poor quality home construction. Today, that’s far from the case. Prefabricated home packages are some of the highest quality built homes on the market today. In addition, they are often the most energy efficient and green construction in the residential building industry. Due to the fact that the home, or various subassemblies of the home, are constructed in a manufacturing facility higher standards of construction and quality can be achieved.

In addition, due to a controlled production environment, costs are better controlled, which translates down the road into savings for the homeowner.

Prefabricated home packages come in a variety of types, styles and sizes. For example, manufactured home packages typically consist of multiple sections of a home that are constructed at a factory, transported to a building lot, and finally assembled together on the jobsite. Panel and module home packages are similarly constructed.

With all of these types of prefabricated home packages, the subassemblies are completely finished at the factory, including the finished siding, interior walls, insulation, and all of the electrical wiring and plumbing pipes. At the jobsite, the subassemblies are attached together, leaving only finish carpentry, electric, and plumbing work to be completed. As a result, prefabricated homes can be assembled and completed much faster than traditional stick built homes.

Prefabricated home packages are not limited to just modular homes and manufactured homes. Log cabin and timber framed homes are also available in prefabricated home package kits as well.

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They are available in standard prefabricated home package kits, but can also be custom built at the factory per customer specific plans. Again, with both these types of prefabricated home packages the homes are built in subassemblies at the factory, transported to the jobsite, and then finally assembled on the jobsite with the aid of cranes and other heavy equipment.

There is also geodesic dome, circular and steel framed prefabricated home package kits that can be purchased. And again, the manufacturers of these types of prefabricated home packages can build both standard and custom homes.

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