Master Mechanics Rotary and Oscillator Tools Review Video

The Rotary and Oscillator Tool set are Cool New Tools from Master Mechanic and True Value Stores

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video Mark Donovan of reviews two new tools, the Rotary tool and Oscillating tool, from Master Mechanic and True Value Stores.

I recently had the chance to try out a couple of new tools from Master Mechanic and True Value Stores.

Master Mechanic Rotary Tool

The first new tool I tried out was a Rotary tool. It‘s a great little tool for small carpentry, crafts, and hobby projects.

Its main function is to sand small surface areas or to remove burrs off items. The Rotary tool comes with about 40 accessories for all types of small fine sanding applications. It has a 1.2A motor and its rotational rate can adjustably be controlled with a thumb-wheel rotary knob located on the back of the unit. The Rotary tool spins at 10,000 to 35,000 Revolutions per Minute (RPM). The tool is ruggedly built and is easy to grip and work with.

To change a sanding bit all you need to do is push on the small red button located near the business end of the tool and turn the head counter-clockwise. Replace the bit and then again push on the small red button and turn the head clockwise with the small accompanying wrench until the bit is locked in tight. You can adjust the plunging height of the bit by how far you slide the bit into the head of the unit. Again, you can adjust the rotational rate of the head by spinning the thumb-wheel rotary knob.

Master Mechanic Oscillating Tool

The next tool I tried out was an Oscillating tool from Master Mechanic. It has a vibrating head on it that allows you to cut and sand small surface areas or hard to reach places. Again, it comes with a host of sanding and cutting accessories.

To use the Oscillating tool as a sander, simply use the Allen wrench that comes along with it to attach the sander mounting plate onto the head of the tool. Then place a piece of sand paper onto its surface. And with that, you can begin to sand small areas.

You can also use the Oscillating tool as a precision cutting tool by attaching one of the three blade types that come along with it. Due to the fact that the oscillating tool vibrates back and forth, the cutting blades provide for a precision cut.

The oscillating tool is powered by a 2.5amp motor and has an oscillating angle of 2.8 degrees. You can control the rate of oscillation again by a thumb-wheel rotary knob on the back of the tool. Like the Rotary tool, the Oscillator tool is small and light weight, making it easy to hold in either one or two hands.

So if you’re looking for a couple of cool new precision sanding and cutting tools for the work shop or garage, the Rotary and Oscillating Tools from Master Mechanics are perfect for the job. The tools are exclusively sold at True Value Stores starting on Father’s Day.

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