Home Remodeling Trends in Materials

Green Home Remodeling Material Trends

By Mark J. Donovan

Home remodeling material trends continue to evolve as homeowners and contractors alike look for greener home remodeling building materials. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or a basement remodel, homeowners and builders are seeking out home remodeling materials that impact the environment less both in their harvest and in their use. Bamboo flooring, for example, has become increasingly popular as it is a renewable resource that is also a fast growing wood material.

Similarly another green home remodeling material trend is lighting. Homeowners and builders are gravitating more and more towards incandescent light bulb alternatives, be it compact florescent light bulbs or LED bulbs.

Both types of new light bulb types use a small fraction of the energy that incandescent light bulbs do.

Metal roofing is also an increasing home remodeling trend. More and more homeowners are electing to go with metal roofs due to the fact that they last much longer than asphalt shingles. Moreover, some homeowners are installing solar power roof shingles to both protect their home from the elements and to generate power to the home.

Solar panel integration onto residential roofs is also a growing home remodeling trend. Many solar panel manufacturers offer panels that look nearly identical to skylights.

With just two or three of these types of solar panels on the roof they can provide a substantial part of either the electricity or hot water daily requirements for the home.
Recycle materials are also being used more frequently today. Recyclable home remodeling materials are being used in flooring, exterior sheathing, and insulation products, such as the increasing use of blown in fibrous insulation made from recycled newspapers.

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Also, old hardwood floors are often being recycled today. Old hardwood flooring boards that have been torn out of old homes are being restored to their original beauty and then reinstalled in new homes.

In addition, fiber cement house siding is also a growing home remodeling material trend. Fiber cement siding holds up better than wood clapboard products and looks richer and is more durable than vinyl siding.

So before jumping into your home remodeling project make sure to take a look at all the new building material trends first. Many new building materials will save you money in the long run and others will simply provide a unique beauty that was unattainable with older building materials.

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