AirFlow Breeze Vent Helps to Maintain a Comfortable Room Temperature

Get the most out of your Home’s Heating and Cooling System with the AirFlow Breeze Vent

By Mark J. Donovan

If your home is heated and cooled with a central air heating and cooling system chances are you have a room that is never quite warm or cool enough. As warm or cool air works its way down the main plenum from the heating/cooling power-plant its velocity slows down. Rooms furthest away from the heating/cooling power-plant consequently, never adequately heat up or cool down to a comfortable level. Sometimes you can adjust the duct work in other rooms to help to maintain the air flow into the problem room; however it is nearly impossible to find a good compromise.

Fortunately, I recently found a solution to this problem that enables me to eliminate the cold room in my house.

The product is a rather simple, but ingenious solution that helps to draw warm air out of the heating system that would not otherwise ever make it to the problem room.

The “AirFlow Breeze vent” is a product developed by AirFlowTM Technology. It is effectively a motorized vent which replaces the static vent that delivers heat to the problem room. The AirFlow Breeze vent utilizes two low voltage fans that automatically turn on or off via a temperature sensing electronic controller. The AirFlow Breeze vent works by drawing larger volumes of warm air from the heating plenum to the problem room. The built in programmable thermostat on the AirFlow Breeze vent unit allows you to adjust the temperature setting to the level that provides a comfortable room temperature.

The AirFlow Breeze vent is also designed for cooling and central air conditioning applications. Similar to programming the unit for heating a room, the thermostat on the vent can be adjusted to cool the room to a comfortable level when an air conditioning system is operated.

Besides the built in programmable thermostat, the AirFlow Breeze vent has a switch to select between three different airflow rates. The unit can provide airflow rates of 100, 70 and 40 cubic feet per minute (CFM). The adjustable flow rate feature is helpful in accelerating the heating or cooling of a room and for minimizing drafts.

The AirFlow Breeze vent is powered by a small, low voltage, AC/DC converter unit that plugs into any wall outlet.

The system is extremely quiet and is as inconspicuous as any other heating/cooling vent in the home.

The AirFlow Breeze vent is also very simple to install. For floor mount, simply remove the old vent and replace it with the AirFlow Breeze vent. The AirFlow Breeze vent can also be wall mounted. There are a couple of drill guides that can be drilled out to enable the AirFlow Breeze vent to be screwed to a wall. The only installation requirement is that a wall outlet needs to be nearby.

The AirFlow Breeze vent comes in a standard 4”x10” size, but also includes adapters to fit 4”x12”, 6”x10” and 6”x12” vent openings. It comes in two colors, Brown and Almond.

So if your home is hot air heated or has central air conditioning, and you have a problem room that needs a little extra heat or cooling, you too may want to consider an AirFlow Breeze vent. To learn more about an AirFlow Breeze vent visit AirFlow Technology.

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