HomeAdditionPlus.com Announces its New Drywall Calculator Iphone App is Available on Apple’s Itunes Store

HomeAdditionPlus.com’s Easy to Use Drywall Calculator App Tool is Ideal for Fast Estimates on Drywall Materials and Costs for Drywall Projects


Tuesday, February 14, 2012: – HomeAdditionPlus.com announced today the availability of its new Drywall Calculator Iphone App on Apple’s Itunes store. The Drywall Calculator allows contractors and homeowners to enter room dimensions in feet, select drywall panel sizes, and calculate the total number of drywall panels and joint compound required for a specific drywall project. In addition, HomeAdditionPlus.com’s drywall calculator also provides an estimate on drywall material costs for a project. Moreover, the user can either use the default cost estimates for the unit drywall panel and joint compound costs, or enter in their own specific unit costs.

“We’re very excited about the introduction of our new Drywall Calculator App for the Iphone”, said Mark Donovan, CEO of DIY HomeAdditionPlus.com. “This is only the first of many home improvement Apps we plan to offer going forward. Our mission has always been to help DIY homeowners and contractors every day. Providing smart phone home improvement Apps enables us to now expand our mission even further by helping diy homeowners and contractors save time and money when in the field buying building materials.”

The Drywall Calculator Iphone App can be purchased on Apples Itunes Store and costs only $0.99. It provides fast and accurate drywall material and cost estimates in just seconds. Simply plug in your wall and ceiling dimensions, select your drywall panel sizes, and instantly you’ll know how many panels and buckets of joint compound to buy, and what the total cost will be.

About DIY HomeAdditionPlus.com: DIY HomeAdditionPlus.com was founded in February of 2005 and is focused on providing home improvement information for the Do It Yourself homeowner. HomeAdditionPlus.com has over 1900 pages of rich home improvement article and video content and has grown today to over 200K visitors per month.

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