Water Leaking Sound in Bedroom

A Water Leaking Sound in Bedroom but no Apparent Plumbing Leak

By Mark J. Donovan

  Question: My house is a two story single family house and it has 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms on the second floor. The problem I am having is that in one bedroom, adjacent to one of the bathrooms, I hear a slight water leaking sound happening every day.

I do not see any leak and the leaking sound goes away after awhile. There are no signs of water stains on the drywall, nor on the lower level ceiling below.
Any thoughts you many have on what might be causing this trickling and water leaking sound would be appreciated?

Answer: Since you are only hearing a trickling and gurgling sound in the wall and not seeing any signs of a plumbing leak, chances are you do not have a plumbing leak.

It sounds to me that you may have a partial clog in one of your sink or tub P-traps or J-traps that is causing water to slowly drain and trickle down the drain pipe. This sound may be the water leaking sound you are hearing in the bedroom wall.

When water is in one of these traps, which it should be as it creates a water seal from the septic system gases, it should sit evenly high on both sides of the trap.

A tub drain could be the source of odd water leaking sounds in wall.

As you drain water from the sink or tub water fills up one side of the tube trap until it overflows to the other side of the tube and then drains down into the main drain stack. Under normal operation, when the tub or sink are not being used, water should sit level inside the J-trap or P-trap.

If water is not draining well from the J-Trap or P-Trap it is possible that after you turn off the water handle to the sink or tub it takes some time for the water to drain in the trap to a point where it is level on both sides of the trap. Thus, it may be possible to hear a slow dripping or trickling sound in the main drain stack until the water level in the trap is at the same level

I would suggest using a plunger or a drain unclogger solution in the bathroom sink and tub drains to see if this eliminates the leaking sound. If it does not, call a plumber.

It maybe that there is a clog further down in the main drain stack, or a blockage in the vent stack that is causing the slow drainage.

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