Pump Up Septic Tank Alarm System

Call a Septic Tank Contractor Promptly when your Septic Alarm System Activates

By Mark J. Donovan

If your home is on its own private septic system, and the septic tank sits lower than the leach field, a pump can be found in one of the chambers of the septic tank. The septic pump is typically located in the chamber closest to the direction of the leach field. This type of private septic system is often referred to as a pump-up septic system.

As dirty water and sewage exit your house they flow into one of the chambers of your septic tank. The solids sink to the bottom and the dirty grey water eventually rises up high enough in the chamber that it spills over into the adjacent chamber with the pump in it.

As grey water fills the chamber with the pump in it, a float attached to the pump rises. When the float rises to a pre-determined level the septic pump turns on and the grey water is pumped up to the leach field bed.

In addition to the septic pump you’ll also find in the same septic tank chamber another float. This float is associated with a septic tank alarm system. The alarm float sits higher in the tank than the septic pump float. The septic tank alarm system box is often found in a garage or basement, and in some cases in the home itself.

Similar to the septic pump float, when the septic tank alarm system float rises and turns to a 45 to 90 degree angle, an alarm sounds. The alarm sound, along with a red warning light on the Septic tank alarm system box, provides a warning to residents inside the home that the septic tank pump is not working. If the septic tank alarm system is ignored, and the septic pump is truly not functioning, in the not too distant future sewage and dirty water will back up into the home.

So when the septic tank alarm goes off, or you see a red light on the septic tank alarm system box, stop flushing toilets, taking showers, doing laundry and washing dishes, and call your local septic contractor immediately.

Pump Up Septic Tank Alarm System

In our home we recently noticed the red light on our septic tank alarm system was on. In addition, the buzzer alarm sound that accompanies the red light also was slightly humming. So I took my shovel and unearthed the septic tank covers. While inspecting the septic tank chamber with the septic pump in it, we noticed that the float assembly associated with the septic tank alarm system was cracked.

Also, when I lifted it and turned it a bit, we noticed the red light and buzzer associated with the septic tank alarm turned intermittently off and on. So I ended up calling in my local septic tank contractor. It turned out the septic tank alarm system float was faulty.

In about 15 minutes the septic contractor was able to swap the old float out with a new one. A couple of quick checks later and we confirmed that the alarm system was working properly. The septic contractor also confirmed there was no issue with the septic pump.

So again, if the septic tank alarm system goes off on your pump-up septic system make sure to stop running water in your home and call in septic contractor. You’ll save a fortune in water and sewage damage to your home.

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