Installing a Washer and Dryer

How to Instructions on Installing a Washer and Dryer

By Mark J. Donovan

So you just bought a new washer and dryer and chose to install it yourself. Fortunately installing a washer and dryer is rather simple to do. All you need are a couple basic tools and the muscle to shift the clothes washer and dryer around to get behind them.

The only tools required for installing a washer and dryer are an adjustable wrench, a pair of slip joint pliers, a level, and a couple of large tie wraps.

First position the washer so that it is in reach of the hot and cold supply lines and the washer standpipe.

Next position the dryer near the outside dryer vent.

After positioning the clothes washer and dryer in the general vicinity of the supply lines and vent, shift the washer and dryer so that you can get behind them.

Connecting Washer Hoses

Next, hand tighten the supply line nuts to the clothes washer. Be careful in the process not to cross thread them. After the supply lines nuts are hand snug use your adjustable wrench and turn the nuts another quarter turn tighter.

Now connect the washing machine’s drain hose into the washer standpipe or nearby sink basin.

Position the clothes washer into its final position and place a level on it. Using your adjustable pliers adjust the clothes washer legs so that the washer is level. Make sure to move the level in a few positions during the adjusting of the legs to confirm the washer is truly level.

Finally plug in the washer, turn on the supply lines and check for leaks. In the process of checking for leaks partially fill the washer with water. If there are any leaks around the supply lines, tighten them a little more. If there is leak coming from inside the washer, call the manufacturer.

Installing washer and dryer

Assuming there are no leaks, your clothes washer is ready to go.

Installing Clothes Dryer Vent

First connect the clothes dryer vent to the outside dryer vent assembly. I stress, make sure the dryer vent is vented outside. You do not want to vent it to a basement or attic or another room. The dryer vent assembly should exit the side of the house.

To connect the dryer vent to the outside dryer vent assembly, use an accordion type corrugated aluminum or plastic pipe that can be stretched between the two. Slide the corrugated pipe over the base of the clothes dryer vent. Likewise, slide the corrugated pipe over the rigid outside dryer vent assembly. Use large tie wraps to secure the corrugated pipe to the dryer vent and outside dryer vent system.

Note that the corrugated dryer vent has the tendency to collect lint. As a result, you should occasionally replace the corrugated pipe, or at least clean it out by either hand or with a vacuum cleaner.

Plug in the clothes dryer to the nearby outlet and position it into its final place.

Turn on the dryer to test if it is working properly.

With that, you are ready to begin your first wash with your new clothes washer and dryer.

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