How to Fix a Slow Bathtub Drain

Simple Solutions for Fixing your Slow Running Bathtub Drain

By Mark J. Donovan

If the water is collecting in the bathtub while you are taking a shower chances are you have a clog in the bathtub drain, unless of course you inadvertently pulled the stopper lever up.

If you have a slow bathtub drain, there are a couple of homeowner solutions you can try before having to call in the expensive plumber.

Most of the time a slow bathtub drain is associated with hair and soap build up clogging the bathtub drain.

Fixing a Slow Bathtub Drain by Cleaning Stopper and Drain Manually

To eliminate the slow bathtub drain first try removing the stopper from the drain and removing any hair or soap that may be stuck on it. If your drain system does not have a stopper that can be easily pulled out, remove the screw that holds the drain cover and use your finger or an old coat hanger to remove any hair that is caught in the drain.

Additionally you can remove the entire stopper linkage from the drain by removing the screw and overflow faceplate cover that sits up above the drain hole. Once the screw has been removed from the overflow faceplate, the entire stopper linkage can be pulled out and cleaned. If the clog still persists, again slide the coat hanger into the drain while the stopper linkage is out of the drain system. Also try a toilet plunger; however you may need to first tape up the overflow drain assembly so that the resulting air pressure associated with the plunger is directed down the drain.

Chemical Solutions for Fixing a Slow Bathtub Drain

If you do not feel like getting your hands dirty, or you still can not resolve the slow bathtub drain you can also try using a chemical product, such as Drano. I have also heard baking soda and vinegar can also work if you want to try a more gentle chemical solution first.

If all else fails, Call in the Plumber

If none of the other suggestions have worked, then a plumber should be called. They have the expertise and tools (e.g. a snake) to remove the hard to get clogs.

One note, do the plumber a favor and let him know in advance if you tried any chemical solutions to fix the slow bathtub drain.

Chemical solutions are toxic and the plumber should wear protective clothing and eyewear before working on your clogged drain.

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